my name is Sebastian. I am working as a software engineer in Berlin. I like to repair and tinker and enjoy living a clutter-free life with my dog.

As a software engineer I am fortunate to work in an agile environment applying agile software development on a day-to-day basis. In one of my teams I was able to take the role of the scrum master for half a year. I came to love being agile during business hours, adapt and improve continuously as well as working in small teams and planning for short periods of time.

This blog is about applying agile principals to your personal life. You will read about

  • what being agile means,
  • how to apply principals of agile software development to your personal life,
  • how to get your partner on board,
  • what tools I use to stay agile personally,
  • what artifacts can help you to have an agile relationship,
  • stories and learnings about working in the software development business,
  • and more.

Occasionally, you will find articles about minimalism and how I try to structure my life and work.

If you want to get in touch with me check out Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing or good old Email.